Protecting your property from wildfire disasters.

Take control over defending YOUR property.

Your home is the single most important investment you have. Keep your home and family safe from wildfires by creating a defensible space around your property now. Swan Engineering is here to help.

Creating at least a 300 to 600 foot area of defensible space is the best way to improve your home or business’s chance of survival during a wildfire. This space is needed to slow or stop the spread of wildfire. It also protects your home or business from catching fire. Either from direct contact with or radiant heat from the flames. We can help you create this buffer between the buildings on your property and the vegetation surrounding it and a lot more.

Contact us today to make sure you’re prepared now for any current or future wildfire threat.

We offer…
Fire Prevention Plans
Creation of Wildfire-ready Defensible Space
Fire Suppression and Mitigation Services
Fire Safe Landscaping Services
Fuels Management
Fire Restoration

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